For Parents

Mental health issues often begin at an early age and getting help for your adolescent or teen can be key in putting your loved one on the right path for a happier, healthier life.

You should be a part of the process, too.

At Three Rivers, we understand that no one understands your teen or adolescent more than their parents, and your input and participation can be key to long-term positive outcomes.

Additionally, finding the right treatment for your teen can be scary, and we want to make it easy for you to get them the help for their needs.

Our Services for Adolescents and Teens

Common Questions for Parents

How do adolescents maintain their schoolwork while in treatment?

We feel it is important for our adolescents to keep up with their schoolwork while in the hospital. Adolescents admitted to the acute unit at Three Rivers can maintain their class work during a daily study time provided. Parents are responsible to bring adolescentsā€™ books and assignments.

Will the family be involved in treatment?

With the consent of a parent/legal guardian, family will be involved in treatment. Typically, psychiatric and chemical dependency-related illnesses have a significant effect on the family. Family will be encouraged to be involved in assessment, treatment planning, discharge planning and continuing care. Social workers or other members of the treatment team will be available to the family to discuss treatment, progress and other issues.

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