TRICARE certified

The KEYS (Knowledge and Excellence for Your Success) is a strengths-based, short-term, co-ed, TRICARE Certified program for adolescents ages 12 to 17 ½ using cognitive behavioral therapy.

The level of service offered in KEYS is somewhere between acute psychiatric hospitalization and less intensive levels of care, such as partial hospitalization/day care, outpatient services or group treatment programs. We may also provide psychological assessments.

This mental health program approaches adolescents suffering from major mental illness and/or serious emotional disturbance with the belief that every crisis is an opportunity for change. While this is not a suitable program for youth with a primary diagnosis of substance abuse, we do accept dual-diagnosis adolescents with a secondary diagnosis of chemical dependency, eating disorders, self-injurious or other addictive behaviors.

The KEYS is for males and females with:

  • A DSM-IV diagnosis of psychiatric illness
  • A repeated pattern of physical aggression
  • Frequent, severe loss of temper
  • Persistent defiance of adult rules resulting in danger to self or others
  • Markedly impaired social judgment
  • Pervasive and persistent substance abuse
  • Partially controlled psychotic symptoms